International Jewellery Symposium 2016

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As my dear Florian Milker is a Jewellery Artist, I was introduced into the broad world of jewellery art. Since 2013 I constantly accompany his work. Therefor I was asked to document the International Jewellery symposium in Zimmerhof, Germany.
It was a 3 day event filled with lectures, gatherings and a mini exhibition called the ‘jewellery table’ where both lecturers and participants were invited to show their work.
The Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof is a Symposium for Jewellery Artists from all over the world.
Once a year they meet to share their experiences, have lectures and discuss the present and possible future of jewellery in a broader art and design context. The ‘Schmuck-table’ is one of the events where every artist presents his current work. The pieces can be tried on and discussed about. Working techniques are shared and experiences are exchanged. The symposium took place for 4 days near Rappenau in an old barn and surely has its own vibrating atmosphere.

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technical specs

Concept & Organisation: Annika Pettersson, Adam Grinovich, Florian Milker
Photography & Documentation: Maxi Richter
Location: Zimmerhof, Germany