IUCN redlist
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37.400 and counting species that are threathened worldwide
If I would draw ONE species a day that is threatened by extinction, it would take me more than 97.3 years to finish. ( I will celebrate my 131th birthday then). Currently there are 37400 species listed by the IUCN redlist with this specification. And this number is increasing every day.
Please lets work together to decrease this number.

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technical specs

size: quared 40cm x 40cm
technique: digital drawing via AD
concept: monochrome / Every animal has the same colour, in order to show that they are all the same in that point of facing extinction. Mostly all their eyes are closed, dreaming of a future, where they will survive. Trusting us to take responsibility and action as human beeings, that created this problem. The alarming red background is refering to the IUCN redlist as an international effort listing species worldwide. All the species that I pictured, are wheather CR ‘critically endangered’ or EN ‘endangered’.

mission: raising awareness that our precious planet and all its inhabitants need protection instantly