Authentic Blades
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Corporate Identity: Productphotography / Documentation / Graphic Design

Authentic Blades

AUTHENTIC BLADES are vietnamese knives, tools and scissors. Simple, beautiful and sharp. They shine, although they do not sparkle, with their rustic appearance and they delight knife lovers from all walks of life with their practical features: Chefs, foodlovers, tailors, creative and practical people.
Those Knives are entireyl crafted in Vietnam by tradition.
As Authentic Blades made a basic decision, I was invited to re-design the whole Corporate Identity.
This included the full brand development: outlining guidelines, defining target groups and developing the emotional touch of the brand.
Besides that my tasks where: graphic- and webdesign, productphotography and documentation.

more information on the company and current markets etc

technical specs

Company: Dick & Dick Laserschneid- & Systemtechnik GmbH
CI & Photography & Documentation: Maxi Richter
Location: Leipzig, Hanoi