Sköne Oke Sköne Oke

Katharina Eichner

background & location

A staged Photoshooting for Katharina Eichners Mastercollection 2015 ‘SKÖNE OKE SKÖNE OKE’. The strong and present colours where used in accordance to ‘ghost trains’ on the fair. So we created a playful yet spooky and tension filled atmosphere. The setting was a hostel, where people of all kinds spent the night, a place where strange things happen, where you don’t know your neighbour, but still spent the night with them- even in the same room. Strange encounters in a place you do not know. –
Guineapig-Jewellery in collaboration with Florian Milker.
With kind support of Hostel EDEN where we shot the pictures. Every room was designed by different artists, designers, architects or craftsmen.

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technical specs

Photography : Maxi Richter
Fashion: Katharina Eichner
Jewellery: Florian Milker
Make-Up: Julia Bosch
Location: Hostel and Garden EDEN