the most trafficked mammal worldwide
concept: through funny playful short poems approach young readers in a lighthearted way for rough topics such as animal extiction
mission: raising awareness that our precious planet and all its inhabitants need protection instantly
As my love for all creatures under our sun is endless, I wanted to step in for the Pangolin in order to raise awareness and call to action.


more information on the book and the follyhopINK

technical specs

author: Franziska Scheumann
Illustrator: Maxi Richter
size: quared 148mm x 148mm
technique: digital drawing via AD
print: in Dresden on 250 & 125 g/m Grasspaper


Part of our profit will be donated to ‘Save Vietnams Wildlife’, as they inspired me in the first place to start that whole project.
When I started this project in 2018 ‘just’ 26500 species worldwide have been endangered. Since then this number increased up to 34500.
With this project we try to raise awarness especially in young readers, to show some special, interesting and critically endangerd species. Some from afar and some in front of our doorsteps.
The concept of each book that will be released is:
I. a short playful poem about the animal
II. a description of the animal, why it is endangered, and what we as a person can do.
It is important fo us, to leave the readers with a hopeful perspective, that they can make a difference in their lifes- even saving endagered species through everyday choices.
IUCN redlist