Florian Milker
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“In my work I try to elicit a …

… Symbolic character from the objects.”


As my dear Florian Milker is a Jewellery Artist, I was introduced into the broad world of jewellery art.
Since 2013 I constantly accompany his work and capture is ever growing portfolio.

Florian Milker

Florian Milker is a jewelry artist and designer, based in Leipzig, Germany.
His craftesmanship as a goldsmith led him to study jewellery/sculpture at the Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein Halle Saale. In his works he offten switch between diffrent materials and techniques. The resulting, so called “series” pieces are shifting between a the issue of manufactural and uniqueness.

technical specs

Company: layer eyewear, Florian Milker
Organsiation & Concept: Maxi Richter
Photography & Documentation: Maxi Richter
Models: Susann Weißhaar, Rawad Atfeh
Fashion & Make Up: Katharina Eichner
Location: Ljöbeljün, Germany


more information about the artist, his shop and ongoing events you’ll find here. Enjoy!