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decommissioned broadcasting station

background & location

As I helped shooting footage for the documentary ‘Utopia’, I came in contact with this strange place, that revealed its own beauty and tension especially during the night- when everyone sleeps, – everyone?!
Zeesen hosts one location with an historical important background – In December 1927 the first long wave radio transmission was broadcasted from here. Europes strongest broadcasting station at the time was used by National socialists who transmitted their propaganda from here. Even though the transmission towers have been disassembled and the architecture was destroyed by the Red Army in 1945 the site remains with an uncanny aura. The premises have been reused by the StaSi during the GDR, now you find a massive broadcasting mast by a big german telecommunication company, various un-used facilities and an abandoned area where a former televison reality-tv show was shot 24/7.

technical specs

Concept & Photography: Maxi Richter
Location: Zeesen, Germany